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*this is a digital curriculum, downloadable and printable.

Creativity Curriculum

Dynamic Sunday school lessons that INSPIRE Christian character!


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Creativity Supplementary PowerPoints™

Creativity is finding different ways to see and solve challenges!

4 lessons on creativity that cover…

  1. What is creativity?
  2. How is God creative?
  3. How can I use my creativity for God?
  4. How can I be creative with others?


Each lesson includes…

  • 1 40-minute Large Group lesson.
  • 1 30-minute Small Group lesson for 3rd-5th grade.
  • 1 30-minute Small Group lesson for K-2nd grade.
  • With extra ideas in the back (because, you know, just in case).
  • Materials lists for each lesson.
  • Printable Large Group visuals.
  • Printable Small Group visuals, activity sheets, and craft templates.
  • Printable and email-friendly Parent Take-Home handouts.
  • Full-color illustrations throughout the curriculum.
  • Estimated times for each activity.


Why teach creativity?

Creativity is the key to solving problems and freeing one from boredom. Godly creativity and talent bring witty inventions and beauty into the world, benefitting mankind while giving glory to God.


Topics Include

  • How creativity can help you solve everyday problems.
  • The wondrous creativity of God in nature and in how He designed us.
  • How people in the Bible were creative.
  • How seeing from another person’s point of view is a type of creativity.
  • And more!


Verses are in the New King James Version


Weeks of Lessons

Dynamic Focus

How each lesson builds on each other

Week 1:

Introduce the character quality.

Week 2:

Examine how good character is from and demonstrated by God first and foremost.

Week 3:

Learn about how we can reflect good character back to God in our relationship with Him.

Week 4:

Learn about how we can show good character in our relationship with others.

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