Lesson 1 Large Group

The suggested Large Group lesson schedule for the week.

After the Large Group teaching time, transition to and split off into small groups if needed.

Teach a story from the Bible that relates to the character quality, weaving in modern application and interaction with your students. (See facing page.)

This week’s section of memory verses to learn in Large Group. Each week, you will add a couple more verses.

Sing songs that highlight the character quality.

Encourage students (in a fun way) to find out what God’s Word says about the character quality.

Introduce the character quality with a question and brief discussion and explanation.

Rules, so your students know what to expect.

Suggested schedule for Large Group. Estimated times are given for the different parts of Large Group. Total time for Large Group is 40 minutes.

Tips on how to tell the Bible lesson to make it come alive.

Read out loud Bible lesson.